YardYum: Grow Your Own Backyard Garden

How do you use your backyard plot? For some of us, our backyards just sit idle, while for others, we use them for entertainment, or to store equipment and tools. Recently I was wondering how I could commercialize my backyard. Yes, I’m that kind of person who regularly thinks “how can I make some extra money?” with everything that surrounds me. You should try it too. You will find yourself discovering things you would never have thought were possible. With this in mind, I did what I do best, and that is to Google. After several attempts I came across this neat site that helps landowners find gardeners who are wanting to do backyard gardening but don’t have their own space.

YardYum Review

I’m sure you’re thinking … “what does that involve?” Well, relax. YardYum.com is an easy-to-use website that connects people and institutions that have idle land with other people who are looking for a piece of land to do backyard gardening. It basically operates like a marketplace where there are buyers and sellers.

YardYumSo, this is how it works. A plot owner creates a listing. In the listing they upload the photos of the plot and also set the pricing model. This could be through a monthly cash payment or through receiving a portion of the produce that the garden yields. You could also choose a hybrid of the two. Once this is set up, you now sit back and relax and wait for Yardyum to do its magic.

Then, a gardener sets up their profile. This profile is crucial, as owners will be using it to judge the seriousness and credibility of the gardeners. No one wants to work with someone who has a profile that’s missing a photo (as an example). First impressions are important and last forever. The gardener then searches for the plot they would be interested in. The plot should be within the vicinity that they live in, otherwise gardening operations will be tough, if not impossible. The website makes it easy to search for a viable plot. The site has several search criteria options that you select, depending on your needs. You will then get a list of the plots that match your search criteria.

The gardener then contacts the owner and they plan to meet for a viewing of the garden area. Both the plot owner and the gardener agree on the terms which need to be mutually beneficial. They then sign a contract stating the agreed terms and conditions. YardYum provides templates of this contract, so you’re not left figuring stuff out alone. The gardener now grows the vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers that they wish. Upon harvesting, they pay the plot owner as agreed in the contract.

For security reasons the website only shows the approximate location of the plot that has been listed. Giving the plot owner a piece of mind. On the side of the gardener, the website does not show their contact details but only their city. Meeting the plot owners is at their own discretion.

Do you have an idle piece of land? Or are you maybe thinking of engaging in backyard gardening, and don’t have land? I recommend that you check out Yardyum.com.

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