Windows 10: Microsoft’s Latest Offering

Microsoft has formally announced the “most comprehensive platform ever”. That’s right, we are talking about Windows 10. If you are wondering about Windows 9, don’t sweat yourself as Microsoft decided to zero in on a “more appropriate” name.

Microsoft claims that the new OS is much more advanced and way ahead of its defamed predecessor and that’s the reason calling it Windows 9 would not do it justice.

Start Menu is Back !

First look at the Windows 10 and you just can’t ignore the good old Start menu. Unfortunately Windows 8 did not have the start menu and people have been complaining since that very moment for its return. The Windows 10 Start menu looks great and it is very similar to the Start menu in Windows 7, however it contains the tiles from the Windows 8 Start screen. It really is a great combination. Start menu can be resized and you can add or remove the tiles.

Windows 10 Start Menu

With Windows 10, Microsoft’s focus is to make it easier for software developers to create applications that will work across all Microsoft devices – PCs, phones and tablets.

Cortana – Microsoft’s personal assistant, is expected to make an entry to Windows 10 from the Windows phone.


Another new feature is an all new Notifications center. Now you will be able to view and manage all alerts and messages from a single place. Also, all the Windows notifications will be directly viewable from the system tray.

Microsoft will release a technical preview of Windows 10 for laptops and desktops through the Windows Insider program. Preview for other devices will follow suit.

What’s your take on Windows 10 ? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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