WhatsApp blue tick to be made optional ?

To begin with, what do you know about WhatsApp blue tick ? The latest version of WhatsApp for Android – Version 2.11.431 has a new feature. When you send a message to a friend from your Android device, you generally get a double tick if the message is delivered. With the latest version, you will notice a WhatsApp blue tick indicating if the recipient has actually viewed/read your message.

So now what happens is that you cannot give lame excuses to your friends stating that you overlooked the message by mistake or were busy with some other activity ! This WhatsApp blue tick might get a mixed reaction from the users. Personally, I feel that it’s an intrusion to one’s privacy 😛

How does the WhatsApp blue tick actually work ?

Once you send a message through WhatsApp and if it is delivered, you will see the double tick. That’s the usual deal. Now, once the message is viewed or read, the ticks will turn blue to indicate that the message has actually been viewed or read by the recipient.

This update was rolled out for Android devices earlier today. We still need to have this verified for Apple devices. However, if you are messaging someone using an Android device from your Apple device, you will come to know if your message has been viewed/read thanks to the WhatsApp blue tick.

If you are worried about the WhatsApp blue tick and its consequences, there might be some respite for you. We have heard speculation that users might have the option to enable or disable the WhatsApp blue tick from the WhatsApp privacy settings. We still need to monitor developments around this to be sure. You can visit the Google play store to download the latest version of WhatsApp for your Android device.

Till then enjoy the WhatsApp blue tick and think twice before making excuses :)

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