What exactly is DD-WRT Firmware?

Most people prefer their router to work without much effort being put into it, as changing the configuration and setting things up is not very easy. Changing your password or setting up of router security does not require much effort, but playing with the settings of the router can be a challenging task.

It was only recently I came to know about DD-WRT firmware and the importance of installing it. I am sure many people are still not aware of the benefits of WRT firmware and the advantages it can bring along. Let’s have a closer look at DD-WRT firmware.

DD-WRT router

What is DD-WRT Firmware?

DD-WRT firmware is an open source firmware project. The project is specifically designed for upgrading and enhancing wireless internet routers. DD-WRT firmware was developed so that it could replace default firmware projects for many router manufactures by companies like Netgear, Linksys, D-Link and Asus. This firmware when installed makes your home network more versatile and secure.

Benefits of DD-WRT Firmware

The main benefits of DD-WRT firmware are that it increases hotpots in your home and improves the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router. By encrypting your Wi-Fi network, DD-WRT firmware makes sure it is difficult for hackers to hack your Wi-Fi connection.

DD-WRT as a Monitoring Tool

Another interesting feature of DD-WRT firmware is that it can be used as a network monitoring and logging tool. You can connect to the router from any system in your home network and connect to your monitoring tool to see if there is something going wrong with your network bandwidth and the reason for the poor performance. You can find the details in DD-WRT > Status > Bandwidth tab.

If you wish to see the traffic details, you can do that by clicking on the WAN tab. The graph will display your average network usage on a daily basis. If you or anyone at home is using torrent to download videos or movies or watching online movies and videos, your network usage will be high and it will be displayed here. So, DD-WRT is a good tool to have for parents who want to keep an eye on their children.

When used as a monitoring tool, DD-WRT cannot tell you the reason why the usage is high on certain days. But, it displays how much the usage has increased compared to the previous days and months. All the information is logged, so that when you have free time, you can review it without worrying about data being lost.

Another advantage of the DD-WRT monitoring tool is that it displays all the active users who are using your wireless connection. So, if you want to monitor to find those who are using your wireless connection, there is no better tool than DD-WRT. To view the user details, go to the WAN tab and from there go to the “Clients” area. In this area, you can see the MAC address of systems that are using your wireless network. It also displays information about the signal strength of the device and the router. This helps you to figure out those areas having strong signals.

Additional Features of DD-WRT

Do you love playing games? If you’re a gamer, then you can use DD-WRT to tweak your network bandwidth before each gaming session so that you will never be let down by a slow internet connection when playing games.

Go to the “QoS” tab from “NAT/QoS” menu and enable “QoS” for tweaking the bandwidth. Now set the following: Port= WAN, Packet Scheduler= HTB and perform a speed test so that you can check the bandwidth speed. For uplink and downlink, put 85% value.

Another interesting feature of DD-WRT is the ability to run Cron Jobs from the router and overclock your router. You can also setup a watchdog feature in DD-WRT that is handy especially if your router is old and suddenly stops in between. By setting the watchdog, you can automate the process so that next time when your router stops in the middle, you don’t have to restart it manually.

All these excellent features make DD-WRT firmware a must have especially if you’re having an old router. So, don’t throw away your old router, install DD-WRT firmware and convert your old router into a super fast router.

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