Website Design Trends in 2016

Website design trends ebb and flow like the motion of the ocean. Website design is an especially fickle industry when it comes to trends emerging and disappearing. This is because technology plays such a large role and the platform for site building is constantly evolving. Some changes boost performance while others are purely aesthetic.

2015 was a year that didn’t see too many major changes, although minimalist themes came to the foreground. A constantly evolving and growing feature is having websites designed or mobile as on the go browsing grows in acceptance.With boundaries always being pushed back and the digital playground constantly growing and changing, these trends look to be the top of the bunch for 2016.

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CSS3 For Layouts

All the popular web browsers are finally able to make use of CSS3 Flexbox. While not a huge revolution in itself, the faster loading, harder to hack layout looks to be here to stay.

Domination of Material Design

Google’s Material Design has broken barriers since it arrived in regards to user interface development. As we move towards Smartphone domination, the expansive amount of extensions available, Material Design is set to become the go to tool.

Cinemagraphs are Gaining

Since Apple phones have brought “live photos” to the public, we can expect cinemagraphs (which offer a similar effect) to become more popular. The technology behind this has also been improved upon with HTML5 Canvas now fully useable; effects can be rendered and used in real time. Moving photos will trump static images in 2016.

Emboldening of Typography

Colour has always been an important branding tool for marketers but choices have put limits onto what has been possible. Out of the box thinking was shunned in favour of playing it safe with classic styles. The trend has slowly been moving towards breaking this mould and letting colour and vibrancy explode onto web sites everywhere. Creative typography looks set to continue its breakout in 2016.

Illustrations Rule

It can sometimes be hard to create a scene through a photograph as it invariably ends up excluding some users. Through clever use of illustrations, users will be able to relate better and connect to the image in a more personal way. Look for more illustrations to take the place of photography in 2016.

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