How to View Old Notifications on Android

There are a lot of times when we are too lazy to check the pending notifications on our Android devices and we just tap ‘Dismiss’ icon to clear the notifications, only to realize later that it was an important notification that needed to be addressed. So will you be able to view old notifications in Android device after it is dismissed ? If yes, how ?

The past notifications can be easily viewed in Android 4.3 Jellybean or higher. Lets get started !

How to view old notifications in Android?

1) Tap on the Home button that opens the Apps screen. Tap on the Widgets tab and select the 1×1 Settings Shortcut.

Android settings shortcut

2) Another window will pop up asking for you to select the Settings shortcut that you would like to add. Select the Notifications on this screen.

Selecting notifications from the settings shortcut

 3) Once selected, you can add the Notifications shortcut.

Adding the notification shortcut on the home screen

 4) Now you can open the Notifications shortcut to view all the notifications that were generated earlier.

viewing past notifications

Additionally, you can enable/disable notifications for specific apps by tapping on the app and checking/un-checking the Show notifications option.

show old notifications in android

Pretty simple, isn’t it ? You can use this procedure to view past notifications on Android devices. We would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.

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