How Vend Point of Sale Makes it Easy for Your Customers to Shop with You

Are you in the retail business where you deal with clients directly? If yes, you must know how hectic and problematic it may become to complete sales. There are new technological products and softwares in the market to make it simpler to sell your products and services to customers. One such tool is the Vend POS.

Vend is an online point of sale system that makes it easy to deal with buyers. Vend is an ideal POS that works both on the PC and Mac. It can work online and offline. This software connects to the conventional hardware and integrates with several payments service providers.

Vend point of sale

The features 0f Vend

Vend POS software comes with many features as explained below.

This POS system allows both customer and product search. You can add all products quickly to sale by typing any keyword or using barcode scanners. It becomes easy to get the phone numbers, the names of clients and the products that they are searching for.

This retail point of sale software allows quick keys through customization for the most popular products. This customization makes it quicker when you are checking out. Users can save all the available templates to use in their retail stores.

The point of sale system allows the production of customized receipts with the company logo and the website name. It becomes simple to create templates in different languages. You can also use email print receipts after selling the goods.

It becomes easy to include the discounts for every product in the client checkout or for specific items.

Benefits of using Vend

Businesses must serve their customers fast and accurately if they are to retain them. Vend point of sale system has the following advantages.

  • The company can create user accounts for staff using the system. Moreover, you can put control on the information you want them to see and allow certain changes for individual staff members.
  • The Vend system makes it easy for the owner to track the employee performances and make them accountable for everything they do. You can set the system to ask for passwords as well.
  • With this system, the business owners can reduce errors, any kind discrepancy and theft. It can be done by recording changes.
  • At the closing hour in your business, you can record the final sale of the day and other totals so that the transactions can be carried out the next morning.
  • For the buyers, this system allows them to choose how they pay for their shopping. It also allows a customer to change their products and get a refund
  • The systems produces store credits which becomes a substitute for change.
  • Issues branded gift cards.


Busy retail stores must use technology to serve clients better. Vend point of sale is a unique software which can be paired with the registry. With this app you built the client base easily. This software is transparent to sellers and buyers since every person can see the processing and transactions entered, making every person happy and willing to come back.

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