Test4Geeks Review: Test Programmers Online

Hiring the right programmer for your company is not an easy task. Doesn’t matter if you are an MNC or a startup, plenty of time is required to find the potential candidates, filter them and scheduling the interviews. And it doesn’t end there!

If you interview an incompetent programmer, all the time and effort goes down the drain. But what’s the solution to this problem? How do you measure a candidate’s competency before scheduling a face-to-face interview?

You can do this thanks to Test4Geeks!


Test4Geeks is a coding tests and assessment portal where you can test the competency of a programmer by asking them to take a specific test. Let’s say that you want to hire a C++ programmer. You filter out potential programmers and ask them to take a C++ exam on Test4Geeks. Once the exam is taken by the programmers, a detailed report is sent to your email with the scores. Now, you can call the right programmer for an interview based on the results. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Why Test4Geeks might be helpful to you

Businesses and HR agencies

You can save a lot of time by avoiding dialogue with incompetent programmers. A variety of tests are available on the platform for every skill set. You can ask the programmers to take a specific test based on the job requirement. After the test results have come up, you can direct top candidates for the interview process. This is an excellent problem solver for businesses and HR agencies.


The test scores validate your credentials as a programmer and you can add this to your resume. Any recruiter who notices the test score in your resume will definitely be impressed which make the probability of you getting the job higher. Basically the test scores prove that you are an expert in your field, exactly what recruiters are looking for.

How the detailed test report looks like

Test4Geeks provides an overall score, along with the score in each category. The maximum being 100 for overall as well as category wise.

Test4Geeks test report

You will get all the scores in your email and you can also view this in your account dashboard under “My Tests”.

All test results

The category wise results help you in gauging your performance and gives you a better idea on the topics that you need to improve upon.

Are the tests of high quality?

Test4Geeks claim the tests being of high quality as the question are high quality. As a matter of fact, the programmers created hundreds of questions but only a handful and top quality questions were selected and included in the tests.

Also, there are 60 question on an average for each test that helps in gauging the competency of a programmer in a better way.

Final thoughts

Test4Geeks is a wonderful platform both for programmers and recruiters. They solve a great problem in the recruitment space and you must definitely try them out. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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