How to Increase Xbox One Storage Space

Xbox one storage space

Gone are the days when we used to insert cartridges to play video games on a 8-bit or a 16-bit system. Gaming consoles have a come a long way. Today, consoles are not only powerful but they also have loads of storage space that is used to download games, save files, music and for game updates. The Xbox One storage space is 500 GB, which is great. However, a lot of Xbox One … [Read more...]

Xbox One YouTube App: Cast Videos from Android

xbox one youtube app

I was recently watching a video on my Xbox One YouTube app when I was interrupted by a phone call. I moved away from the console and the television whilst on the call and after I was done, I found myself sitting miles away from the console :P Also, the Xbox One Controller was well out of my reach. Now, this was a lazy Sunday morning and I did not have any intention to walk … [Read more...]

The Xbox One Experience

Xbox one experience

After a lot of contemplation and after numerous occasions when I added the Xbox One console to the cart and then later bail out, I finally did order Xbox One from Amazon. This set me down by INR 39,990. Also, I needed the second controller to "challenge" my friends and Amazon was offering INR 2,000 discount on the second controller, so I went ahead and purchased that as well. … [Read more...]