Windows 10 Cloud: New OS from Microsoft?

Windows 10 tips and tricks

A new report has surfaced which suggests that Microsoft is planning to launch something called as the Windows 10 Cloud. Now, don't get too excited thinking that it's a new operating system that runs on the cloud, because it isn't. According to ZDNet, Windows 10 Cloud is a simplified version of the popular Windows 10 operating system, very similar to what was known … [Read more...]

How to Fix MBR for Windows 7 Home Premium

Fix MBR for Windows 7 Home Premium

The error message “Operating System not Found” may be familiar to Windows 7 users, or the blue screen of death (BSOD) appears when a user starts the computer. This message implies the MBR is damaged and this is probably caused by a virus attack or a sudden power failure. MBR, short for Master Boot Record, is the first sector of a computer hard drive that tells the computer … [Read more...]

How to Fix ‘Bootmgr is missing’ error in Windows 7 & Server 2008

Bootmgr is missing - how to fix

Have you ever encountered a 'bootmgr is missing' prompt as soon as you start you computer? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Many Windows users have encountered this situation before. Bootmgr missing doesn't necessarily mean the data will be lost. It just indicates that the boot manager is missing. Unlike the message of “UTLDR is missing” emerging in systems … [Read more...]

Ashampoo WinOptimizer: The Most Powerful Central Windows Optimization Tool

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11

We all like to have safer and faster computers. Formatting and manually cleaning the PC can constantly be a solution to keep them that way; however, how about having a single tool that not only cleans your PC but also keep your machine free of problems that hinder performance? Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a set of tools designed to optimize Windows. Through them, you can perform … [Read more...]

Microsoft Will Support Android and iOS Apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 tips and tricks

Windows 10 has been touted as Microsoft’s best O.S. ever. It certainly looks very promising and it just got even better after Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will offer cross-platform support. Now, all your iOS and Android apps can be brought over to Windows 10. The ‘Universal’ operating system will allow developers to port the existing Android and iOS apps into Windows … [Read more...]

How to Access PC Hard Disk on an Android Device Remotely

Browse computer files from Android

I watch a lot of movies on my Android phone. Generally, I have to copy the movies to my Android phone from my Laptop, which takes quite a while.  I have a storage limitation of 16 GB on my Nexus 4 which can't carry a lot of movies. So, I need to repeat the process each time when I am done watching one batch. To overcome this problem, I decided to use my computer as a network … [Read more...]