SpecsPro: Compare Tablet Specifications & Prices

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If you have ever planned on buying an electronic gadget and you are not that tech savvy, you might have found it difficult to pick out that perfect product for yourself. Of course, this doesn't apply to the readers of Tech.Cloud who are far more tech savvy when compared to their peers! Now, a friend of mine recently came up to me asking for my opinion on buying a tablet … [Read more...]

Test4Geeks Review: Test Programmers Online


Hiring the right programmer for your company is not an easy task. Doesn't matter if you are an MNC or a startup, plenty of time is required to find the potential candidates, filter them and scheduling the interviews. And it doesn't end there! If you interview an incompetent programmer, all the time and effort goes down the drain. But what's the solution to this problem? How … [Read more...]

Things to Consider Before Creating a Small Business Website

How to make your own website

The advent of Internet has turned out to be a very ingenious technological tool that touches almost every aspect of our lives. There has been a total shift in the way companies conduct their business all thanks to the Internet technology. E-business is a new function brought forth after the fusion of internet and business technology thus enabling communication and transfer of … [Read more...]

Sell on Instagram for Free with Kraftly

Sell on Instagram with Kraftly

Instagram is a vibrant market based on the concept of social media. This means that there is a huge market base for you to sell your products and services. As a matter of fact, "eyes to see" is all you need. If you are planning to sell products on the internet, there is no better place than selling on Instagram, where pictures are everything! So, if you are stuck behind a … [Read more...]

TypoVision: A Free Online Proofreading Tool

Free online proofreading tool

If you are a writer, you would be very used to proofreading your own content. Though, it may sound like an everyday task for you, you would relate with me for it being frustrating at times. Why? Because, part of the trouble with proofreading your own writing, is that you are so familiar with the writing, you can overlook the errors.  This is actually a good thing - our … [Read more...]

The True Value of an Intranet

Flex automation

Stop Re-inventing the wheel, engine and the body – The true value of an intranet Over the years, the intranet has become an important part of business communications for millions of people. If you’ve used a well-designed corporate intranet you may know what it does, but can you explain why it’s so crucial to business success? It isn’t until you stop and examine the intranet … [Read more...]