Why to Learn Python as Your First Programming Language

Key advantages of Python

Python has been designed keeping the newcomers in mind. Python reads like math of kindergarten and is so easy that even layman can understand it. The use of common expressions and white space has removed the need for monotonous curly brackets and variable declarations. Python also needs very less code to finish basic jobs making it very economical to study. Java’s code is … [Read more...]

Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS data recovery plan and pricing

So, I have this 1 TB external HDD which is used for my data backup needs as well as to dump in movies and other stuff that I find cool. However, today was not such a great day as when I plugged in the HDD to my laptop, it failed to read from it. Now, from my previous experience with external HDD, I can tell you one thing that they are not immune to failures. Whichever brand … [Read more...]

Disk Drill 3 Review: Recover Deleted Files from Mac, iPhone & Android

Disk Drill Review

Deleting data from your Mac, iPhone or Android device is very easy but recovering it is more of an uphill task. A lot of times we tend to delete important files accidentally and then frantically search for ways to recover the data. Well, not any more. Presenting Disk Drill 3 which is an excellent software that can recover deleted files from Mac, iPhone and Android … [Read more...]

Hide All IP: Hide Your IP Address, Location, Apps & More

Monitoring Hide All IP

Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc - Don’t you feel annoyed and frustrated when you are prevented from enjoying the content on these websites in case you are living in a state where your ISP or your government have blocked access to these popular sites? Thanks to VPN tools and Hide All IP private proxy, now you can easily access these sites from anywhere in the world. This software … [Read more...]

Review of iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

Supported brands

iSkysoft Android Data Recovery is software that helps you  recover data, including contacts, messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, Call history, etc.  from your Android device that you may have lost due to accidental deletion or loss through factory reset or unplanned removal. Whatever be the reason for data loss, iSkysoft Android Data Recovery can scan the device and recover … [Read more...]

How Salesforce Apps for CRM Will Make Your Business More Productive

CRM Fusion

Having organized information on hand for your business's employees is the first step in creating productivity.  Let Salesforce Apps do the heavy lifting for you. An excellent method of growing your business is to increase productivity.  For many small businesses the best way to increase productivity is to concentrate on your employees.  Your employees should spend less time … [Read more...]