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If you have ever planned on buying an electronic gadget and you are not that tech savvy, you might have found it difficult to pick out that perfect product for yourself. Of course, this doesn't apply to the readers of Tech.Cloud who are far more tech savvy when compared to their peers! Now, a friend of mine recently came up to me asking for my opinion on buying a tablet … [Read more...]

Factors That Determine The Amount You Spend on A Laptop – Features You Should Look At

Factors that determine the amount you spend on a laptop

Technology today is far more advanced than ever before. You’ll find that computers are faster than ever, and you may want to purchase a new one. If you’re looking to pick up the latest tech, and you are looking at buying a laptop, you should know what factors determine the cost. Several factors are going to dictate the cost associated with purchasing a computer today. We have … [Read more...]

#AwakenYourForce: HP Pavilion 15-an003TX ‘Star Wars’ Special Edition Notebook Review

Hp star wars laptop

Yes, It’s true. All of it. The Dark Side. The Jedi. HP Pavilion 'Star Wars' special edition notebook. They’re real. There can't be a better time to be a Star Wars fan. With Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens, hitting the screens worldwide, there's plenty of buzz and excitement around. And to add to the fan's elation, HP have recently launched the Star Wars Special … [Read more...]

Ultimate Gaming Laptop Buying Guide for 2016

Gaming laptop buying guide

Today we bring you the ultimate gaming laptop buying guide for 2016. When it comes to gaming, more and more people are inclined towards buying a gaming laptop now a days. The majority of such consumers are the young college students. Having a gaming laptop is a good idea for them as it serves two purposes. It can be used for general college work and of course for playing … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Laptop for Graphic Design

Best laptop for graphic design

Today, we will talk about the best laptop for graphic design that will make your search easier if you are a graphic designer. Laptops nowadays come with great features that can help you with your work in addition to the multimedia experience. When choosing the kind of the laptop for graphic design, it is important for you to be selective and do your homework right. Research is … [Read more...]

Best Laptop Under 25000 INR: ASUS X200LA-KX034D Review

Best Laptop Under 25000 INR: ASUS X200LA-KX034D

You are reading this post because you are on a tight budget are looking to buy the best laptop under 25000 INR. Right ? You have come to the right place my friend ! There is no reason not to buy a budget laptop now a days as we have plenty of good options available in laptops that are priced under 25000 INR. A budget laptop will serve your purpose when you are not … [Read more...]