Best Tips to Prevent Identity Theft Online

Cyber Security

The internet has become a part and parcel of our life today. It offers us products, solutions and information that we seek, all at a few clicks of a mouse button. With little effort, you can find just about anything that you are looking for. However, along with the limitless opportunities and benefits that the internet offers, come many threats as well.  As a gigantic amount of … [Read more...]

Why Should You Use Selenium?

Why should you use selenium

Those involved in software making understand the importance testing an application or software after its completion or during its development. An application or software that does not work smoothly with a user’s browser is essentially useless as they fail to serve the purpose they have been created for. Finding the perfect platform to utilize for running automation tests on … [Read more...]

How to Organize SEO Projects in Italy


Firms in Italy have now began to realize the importance of having a good search engine rank. Out of the competitiveness in the market, companies are now seeking assistance from top experts in the field. This competitive strategy is implemented in two ways. First, the firm can opt to train its staff so as to give them SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionalism, outsource … [Read more...]

Domain Name System in Computer Networks

Domain name system in computer network

The primary element in the Domain Name System (DNS) is a huge collection of DNS servers. The server is any computation registered jack that adjoins the DNS. It mans on special-purpose network software, basically featuring a widely used IP address as well as being the storage database for network labels and addresses for online website hosts. These servers will have mutual … [Read more...]

Speed Dials – A Smarter Way to Browse

Manage speed dials in Android

Many times, it can be annoying or frustrating to get access to your favorite sites on a mobile browser. Even with bookmarks, you often need to navigate to another screen before you can access them. With the free Dolphin Browser for Android, though, you have access to the speed dial, which gives you all your favorite sites right at your fingertips. Right when you launch … [Read more...]

Solutions to Help Hotel Developers Upgrade their Broadband Connectivity

T1 Texas

Broadband Internet is changing the way business gets done in the hotel industry. All hotels and resorts offer high-speed Internet to their customers. Each brand has specific requirements as to the minimum standards that a hotel should offer. Additionally, high-speed Internet connections are available in the hotel business center, meeting space, banquet rooms and public hotel … [Read more...]