Local SEO For Google Maps


Google has come a long way since its early days as merely a search engine for local search results. Over the years they have grown to become a leading force in the technology industry. They have done this by repeatedly finding ways to make our lives easier. Well, Google has somehow done it again with its latest updates of Google Maps for local seo. Now Google maps is the most … [Read more...]

How to Add Links and Text to Facebook Pictures


Research shows that pictures with text and a link have much higher click rates. Let people know who took the picture and be able to click a link for more information. PicVidShare Free Camera App makes it so easy right from your phone. How to add text and a link PicVidShare Automatic Camera App uses templates to add text and links Automatically to Facebook pictures. … [Read more...]

Introduction to Google Advertising

Google Adwords

Any internet user would recognize Google as the most widely used search engine. Currently, Google is utilized by up to 80% of internet users all around the world to help them find whatever they need on the internet. This number is huge. This also means that google has a huge business potentials because there are so many potential buyers and customers using the system to find … [Read more...]

How to Get Paid Apps for Free on Android

how to get paid apps for free on android

We are always looking for FREE stuff to get our hands on. Well, today we will tell you how to get more of that free stuff. And what makes it interesting is the fact that we are going to tell you how to get paid apps for free on Android ! Before getting started, we would like to tell you that we are strictly against piracy and will advise our reader's to refrain from … [Read more...]

How to Change Font in Google Chrome

change font on google chrome

If you are bored with the default font in Google Chrome and want a new look and feel to the browsing experience, you can change the Google Chrome default font. This is pretty easy and can be done real quick. The instructions to change font on Google Chrome should work in any operating system. How to change font in Google Chrome 1) Open up the Chrome Menu and click on … [Read more...]

Buy Google Chromecast from the Play Store in India

Google Chromecast now available in Google play India

Chromecast, the digital media player developed by Google is now available on Google Play India. This device was previously sold only through third-party vendors in India like Amazon. Chromecast is a 2.83 inch HDMI dongle that plays audio/video content on a HD display by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi or a local internet network. You just need to plug in the device on your … [Read more...]