How to Search Google Drive Files Directly from Omnibox

Edit search engines omnibox

Google Chrome's address bar, also called the Omnibox, enables you to add search engines from which you can search for information. Using this, you can look for files in your Google Drive account directly from Omnibox. In order to do this, follow the below steps. 1) Right click within Omnibox -> Select 'Edit Search Engines'. 2) Scroll down to the 'Add New Search … [Read more...]

How to Play Hidden Chrome Dinosaur game on PC and Android

Hidden chrome dinosaur game

Google Chrome users should be familiar with the T-Rex dinosaur game that can be played on the browser when you are offline. If you are not aware of Chrome's dinosaur game, get ready to be surprised! When you are not connected to the internet, you might have noticed the offline dinosaur that shows up on your browser. This offline T-Rex dinosaur is in fact a game that is … [Read more...]

How to Check Google Chrome Version

How to check google chrome version

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser that is available today. I am a huge fan of Google Chrome and that is what I use to browse the internet everyday. Since the appreciation of Chrome as a browser is out-of-the-way now, let's focus our attention on today's topic which is 'How to check Google Chrome version?' Why are we even bothered to check the version of Google … [Read more...]

How To Change The Download Location In Google Chrome

Google chrome tips

Most of us use Google Chrome to download a bunch of files on a regular basis. The files that are downloaded using the browser will be saved in Google Chrome's default download location if you have not change it. If you want to keep things organized, you can change the download location in Google Chrome as per your preference. This not only makes it convenient to search for … [Read more...]

Chrome 31 Beta for Android: New Tab Switcher


The Days of Chrome 30 for Android are over. Google has released a beta version of the new Chrome 31. This release lets you add PC like shortcuts on you Chrome home screen. It makes navigation simpler, fast and hassle free. Another improvement is the new tab switcher. If you hated the tabs that used to arrange themselves like a deck of cards (I did), you are in for a treat ! … [Read more...]