How to Add a Signature in Gmail App

Edit gmail signature on gmail for iOS

Now that you can add multiple email accounts (including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook) in the updated Gmail app for Android and iOS, you might be wondering how to add different signatures for different email accounts. It is very easy to add your signature to any email account that you've added through Gmail. The process is slightly different for Android and iOS. Don't worry, … [Read more...]

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts: The Complete List

keyboard shortcuts for gmail

Are you aware of the numerous Gmail keyboard shortcuts that can make your life easier? If your answer is No, then you are not alone. I haven't yet come across any keyboard shortcuts for Gmail and always assumed that it doesn't have any. I did a little digging, only to realize that there are in fact a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can improve your productivity and save you a … [Read more...]

How to Search Google Drive Within Gmail

How to Enable gmail labs

Gmail offers you the option to attach a file from your Google Drive to an email easily. But what if you want to find a file that you have uploaded to Google Drive?  Did you know that you can search a file on your Google Drive account from the Gmail search bar? Yes! You heard it right. Once you have finished reading this guide, you will no longer require to exit Gmail or open … [Read more...]