Harry Potter Android Game: Harry’s Escape

Harry Potter Android Game

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well, let's face it, we all are! The magical world of Harry Potter is fascinating and we have always wanted to be a part of it, in some way or the other. I had this idea of developing a Harry Potter Android Game since a very long time and finally I have managed to execute it. The game, although very basic is fun to play and all the potterheads … [Read more...]

How to Get Paid Apps for Free on Android

how to get paid apps for free on android

We are always looking for FREE stuff to get our hands on. Well, today we will tell you how to get more of that free stuff. And what makes it interesting is the fact that we are going to tell you how to get paid apps for free on Android ! Before getting started, we would like to tell you that we are strictly against piracy and will advise our reader's to refrain from … [Read more...]

How to Make Free Video Calls in Firefox

Make free video calls in Firefox

When we think about free video-calling, a lot of options come to our mind. Skype is one of the popular options among other video calling tools. Popularity, however doesn't make Skype a perfect video calling tool. If you are looking for an alternative to make free video calls, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox comes to your rescue. Firefox's latest version comes with a new … [Read more...]

How to Play DOS Games on Your Web Browser For Free

Play DOS games for free

Remember the awesome DOS games that you used to play in your childhood days ? I know you do, after all how can we forget the epic games like 'Prince of Persia', 'Dangerous Dave', 'Donkey Kong', 'Super Street Fighter' to name a few. There is a good news. You can re-live those childhood moments again as you can play over 2000 DOS games on your web browser for free ! This … [Read more...]

How to Identify Fonts on a Website Easily

Identify fonts on a website

Let's say you came across an amazing font on a website while browsing the internet. You want to know about the font so that you can probably use it on your own blog. In such situations, how do you identify fonts on a particular website ? There are a lot of tools available that help you to identify fonts across websites. We will talk about a very easy to use tool called as … [Read more...]

Top 5 websites to download free ebooks from

Download free ebooks

For all the virtual bookworms out there, we are compiling a list of top 5 websites where you can download free ebooks from. Yes, that's right - Free ! So, without wasting any more time let's get started ! 1) Google Play - eBookstore The free section of the eBook store is one of the best sources to download free ebooks. Google has a lot to offer in terms of genres … [Read more...]