Get Free Temporary Email Address With Email on Deck

Email on deck temporary email service

Picture this – You want to sign up on an interesting website but need to use your email address to register. You can use your ‘real’ email address, however you don’t want unnecessary email communications and spam flooding you inbox. What do you do? Well, you use Email On Deck! Email on Deck is a website where you can get a temporary email address free of cost! Yes, you heard … [Read more...]

How to Add a Signature in Gmail App

Edit gmail signature on gmail for iOS

Now that you can add multiple email accounts (including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook) in the updated Gmail app for Android and iOS, you might be wondering how to add different signatures for different email accounts. It is very easy to add your signature to any email account that you've added through Gmail. The process is slightly different for Android and iOS. Don't worry, … [Read more...]

Moving from Gmail to Thexyz

Gmail substitute

Back in 2005 when Gmail was launched, they offered users a whooping 1GB of free storage and a lightweight, easy to use web interface. Back then it was a dramatic improvement to alternative services where you were lucky to get 100MB. Gmail was a welcomed change for many, myself included. Fast forward ten years to 2015 and you’ll find many ditching their Gmail account in favor of … [Read more...]

List of Email Protocols: An Overview

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SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, functions on the application layer and is made up of four different programs that, altogether, allow mail to be sent across the web. MUA, or Mail Users Agent, is a SMTP program that is used when typing an e-mail, and often includes some sort of editor. From there, the mail is sent to the MTA, or Message Transfer Agent. This program … [Read more...]

How to Save Email Attachment to OneDrive

Add email attachment to OneDrive

If you are a Gmail user, you might be aware that Google introduced a feature a while back that lets you save your Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive. Also, you can easily search for files and documents on your Google Drive account from Gmail's search bar. If you have an email account in, you now have the option to save the email attachments to your … [Read more...]