How to Check Google Chrome Version

How to check google chrome version

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser that is available today. I am a huge fan of Google Chrome and that is what I use to browse the internet everyday. Since the appreciation of Chrome as a browser is out-of-the-way now, let's focus our attention on today's topic which is 'How to check Google Chrome version?' Why are we even bothered to check the version of Google … [Read more...]

How to Download Facebook Videos to Your Computer

block Facebook game requests

There are times when you find an amazing video on Facebook and you want to download it to your computer in order to watch it later. However, you are unable to download it as Facebook does not offer any download button on its website.  There is a very simple process involved in order to download Facebook videos. Since you know that we love helping out you guys with neat tips and … [Read more...]

Top 5 websites to download free ebooks from

Download free ebooks

For all the virtual bookworms out there, we are compiling a list of top 5 websites where you can download free ebooks from. Yes, that's right - Free ! So, without wasting any more time let's get started ! 1) Google Play - eBookstore The free section of the eBook store is one of the best sources to download free ebooks. Google has a lot to offer in terms of genres … [Read more...]

Android: How to Download APK Files From Google Play

download apk from play store

All the Android users are used to downloading apps from the Google play store. Did you know that you can directly download APK files from Google Play ? No ? Read on. When using the Google Play store, the apps are directly installed on your Android devices. The android apps are packed as APK files and if you wish to install an app manually you would have to download APK … [Read more...]