Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS data recovery plan and pricing

So, I have this 1 TB external HDD which is used for my data backup needs as well as to dump in movies and other stuff that I find cool. However, today was not such a great day as when I plugged in the HDD to my laptop, it failed to read from it. Now, from my previous experience with external HDD, I can tell you one thing that they are not immune to failures. Whichever brand … [Read more...]

Disk Drill 3 Review: Recover Deleted Files from Mac, iPhone & Android

Disk Drill Review

Deleting data from your Mac, iPhone or Android device is very easy but recovering it is more of an uphill task. A lot of times we tend to delete important files accidentally and then frantically search for ways to recover the data. Well, not any more. Presenting Disk Drill 3 which is an excellent software that can recover deleted files from Mac, iPhone and Android … [Read more...]

iFoneMate: The iPhone Data Recovery Software


In order to enjoy the new features on your iphone such as setting Google maps as a default app, you need to go for jailbreaking iOS 9 on your iPhone. But, it might lead to loss of data. In order to recover deleted notes on iPhone, you need to have a back-up of your notes with iTunes or iCloud. But if the back-up was not taken, iFoneMate can be used. It is professional, … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Mac File Recovery Software

Data recovery

Mac has become one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It can now be found in numerous desktop computers, notebooks and other digital device. No matter what kind of operating system that you use in your computing device, accidental file deletion has always become a very common issue. In order to help you retrieve the lost files quickly, you certainly have to use … [Read more...]

How to Recover Lost Notes from iPhone with iFoneMate Effectively

iFoneMate iOS data recovery

We all tend to keep notes on our iPhone, as they allow us to boost productivity and just make sure that we don’t really forget about anything. Unfortunately, malfunctions or any similar issues can definitely hamper our ability to access those notes, and that can be a bad thing especially if you need them as fast as possible. This is why using the iPhone data recovery software - … [Read more...]

Effective and Free iPhone Data Recovery Using iFoneMate


Using an iPhone can be an amazing experience, but there are situations in which data will get corrupt, deleted or lost. Even if such a thing does happen, you don’t have to panic; because you just need to have the access to an iPhone data recovery  software such as iFoneMate and then you can experience the best results very fast! What is iFoneMate? iFoneMate is an … [Read more...]