OpenStack: The Next Generation Cloud Technology

Openstack cloud technology

OpenStack is a pilot project launched by Rackspace and NASA, which was founded in July 2010. The purpose behind the project was to provide open source software that enables any organization to create and offer cloud computing services running on standardized hardware. The project aims for simple implementation, massive scalability, and a rich set of features. Cloud computing … [Read more...]

Latest Updates in Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, continues to grow at a good pace. And they're not likely to stop anytime soon since they keep launching new features pretty regularly. Here are the latest updates in Amazon Web Services (AWS) You can now take advantage of Kubernetes in the AWS Cloud. This announcement was released on 7 March and is a huge update. You'll be able to … [Read more...]

Windows 10 Cloud: New OS from Microsoft?

Windows 10 tips and tricks

A new report has surfaced which suggests that Microsoft is planning to launch something called as the Windows 10 Cloud. Now, don't get too excited thinking that it's a new operating system that runs on the cloud, because it isn't. According to ZDNet, Windows 10 Cloud is a simplified version of the popular Windows 10 operating system, very similar to what was known … [Read more...]

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Encrypted cloud storage

Storing data on the cloud has become very common these days. Primarily because, the greatest challenge that the regular users face is how to protect data securely or how to backup all data in a foolproof manner. Also, there are several scenarios when you can loose important data because of virus attack, accidental erasure, failure of the system, hard disk crash etc. The best … [Read more...]

Data Backup: How to Ensure that Your Data is Safe

Data backup

When was the last time you checked the amount of data that is stored on your devices ? This includes the data residing on your PC, smartphones and tablets. The amount of data is HUGE and it becomes very important to have a Data Backup in place. Today we are going to discuss why data backup is so important and the various things that you need to do to ensure that your data is … [Read more...]