How to Remove Password Protection from PDF

removing password protection from pdf

Password protected PDF files are very useful to encrypt sensitive information. Most of your payslips and bank statements are delivered in PDF format which is password protected. This is done in order to protect your personal information. At times, there are situations where you may require to print such documents and will have to enter the password each time to open the PDF and … [Read more...]

How to Change Font in Google Chrome

change font on google chrome

If you are bored with the default font in Google Chrome and want a new look and feel to the browsing experience, you can change the Google Chrome default font. This is pretty easy and can be done real quick. The instructions to change font on Google Chrome should work in any operating system. How to change font in Google Chrome 1) Open up the Chrome Menu and click on … [Read more...]

How to Hide the New Username Button in Google Chrome

How to switch user in Google Chrome

If you are using the latest version of Google Chrome, you might have noticed your user name being displayed on the top right of the browser window. This feature allows multiple users to use Chrome on the same device. Each person can have their own personal settings, bookmarks as well as themes. There is also the option of guest browsing. This option will hide your browsing … [Read more...]

How to Manage Saved Passwords in Chrome

View saved passwords in Chrome

Today we will discuss on how to manage saved passwords in Chrome and how you can protect your saved passwords from misuse. Google Chrome can save your login credentials for the websites that you visit. If you choose to save the username and password for various websites, the sign-in fields will be automatically completed by Chrome the next time you visit those websites. Let's … [Read more...]

Internet Tips and Tricks for Better Browsing

Internet tips and tricks

We all love browsing the internet in our free time. Well, you actually lose track of time while you are connected to the internet ! There are a lot of Internet tips and tricks to make your browsing experience awesome and to help you save a lot of time. We are sharing 10 tips and tricks that will definitely help improve your browsing experience. Improve your browsing … [Read more...]

How To Change The Download Location In Google Chrome

Google chrome tips

Most of us use Google Chrome to download a bunch of files on a regular basis. The files that are downloaded using the browser will be saved in Google Chrome's default download location if you have not change it. If you want to keep things organized, you can change the download location in Google Chrome as per your preference. This not only makes it convenient to search for … [Read more...]