Spike in Bitcoin Price!


Does it feel like the only moment about Bitcoin is when the value is often suddenly increasing or sinking, you notice? Us too! Now it’s traveling. Bitcoin is up about 30% over the last month, and about 50% during the last 3 months. The current cost is hovering right around $950. In the past, when it rose near to $1000 was in January 2014 once the value hit at $1,023 – before … [Read more...]

Fidor Bank Starts Using Bitcoins and Expands Overseas

Fidor bank to accept bitcoin

Fidor Bank, a Germany based bank has recently announced that they will offer a new option named Bitcoin Express which will allow its customers to purchase as well as sell bitcoin without any hassle. This is the first bank that manages to implement such a service on the market, and the best part about it is surely the fact that people can now find a good, reliable bank where … [Read more...]

Bitcoin Hosting: Buy a Hosting Service Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin hosting

When Bitcoin was first introduced, very few would have imagined that it would become the most popular digital currency. Its popularity hit a new high when Microsoft announced that they will start accepting Bitcoins for digital content. Bitcoin has undoubtedly taken over the crypto-currency marketplace. Today, Bitcoins are accepted as a digital currency almost everywhere. And … [Read more...]

Microsoft Starts Accepting Bitcoins

Microsoft accepting bitcoins

There is a big news which has just increased the value of the digital currency, Bitcoin. Microsoft have announced that they will start accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment for its digital content offered on the Windows and Xbox online stores. Bitcoins can now be used to add money to your Microsoft account. Right now this only limited to $100 at a time. Once you have … [Read more...]

BitCoin: All You Wanted To Know


In the recent months there has been much hoopla about Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer digital currency. Although, the concept of Bitcoin was introduced in 2008, it has become extremely popular now. If you were wondering what exactly is Bitcoin, you have come to the right place. Read on. What is a Bitcoin ? Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins are digital … [Read more...]