How to get Backlinks from Wikipedia

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia

If you're questioning how to get backlinks from Wikipedia, you may also be questioning why you would bother? I'll start by telling you that since Wikipedia has dominated the internet, it's in your best interest to acquire some backlinks from them! Also, because Wikipedia is a nice, reputable source, search engines are more likely to consider your links valuable. The result … [Read more...]

Free Backlinks: How to Get Easy Links from High PR Sites

free backlinks from high PR DA websites

We have been talking about the importance of anchor text and backlink checker tools in our previous posts. And since we already had an in-depth discussion on backlinks, many have asked me the question: How can I get free backlinks from high PR sites? Let me clarify something first. Google stopped updating Page Rank (PR) almost 3 years back. So, any website or blog that was … [Read more...]

Backlink Building: How to Create a Natural Link Profile

free backlink generators

Link diversity plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Creating a natural backlink profile is becoming more and more important. Google wants its rankings to reflect the needs of its users. Therefore, you have to use legitimate link building strategies in order to achieve a top position in search results. In other words, you must focus on making you link profile look … [Read more...]

6 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

Online backlink checker tools

Backlink is probably the most talked about word in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Quality and authority backlink is the success mantra for bloggers today. Gone are the days when the sheer number of backlinks would propel your site to the top places in search engine results. A major change in search engine algorithms in 2015 saw more emphasis being put on quality … [Read more...]

Free Backlink Generators: Good or Bad for SEO?

free backlink generators

What are backlinks? Links from external sites pointing to your own website or blog can be called as backlinks. These are inbound links that help the search engines to crawl your content as well as they influence the search results. But why the discussion on free backlink generators, you may ask. Read on. Each individual who is aware of Search Engine Optimization, knows the … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

how to promote your blog

Do you want to become a successful blogger? Me too! However, becoming a successful blogger is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The hard work is not only limited to writing great content. It also involves marketing your content, popularly called as content marketing or in simple words  you should know how to promote your blog and increase … [Read more...]