Shorten URLs and Analyze Incoming Traffic Using Taveo

URL shorteners are tools that convert long URLs into short links for easy manageability. Shortening a long URL has become a necessity today, since a lot of marketing is being done on social media. Twitter, one of the most popular social platforms for content marketing has a limit of 140 characters per tweet. So, if you have a short URL, you can give more emphasis to the content description without having to worry about the word limit.

Moreover, URL shorteners are not only limited to shortening the length of a link, they also serve as a really good analytics tool. I recently came across one such URL shortener called Taveo, which is a really good tool for shortening links and web analytics.

Taveo is a URL shortening service with a strong focus on analytics. You can easily generate short URLs and track the incoming clicks.

How does Taveo Work?

Taveo is currently available in beta and is free to join. You can Sign Up for an account in Taveo with a valid Email address. Once Taveo goes live, the beta testers will be able to continue using the tool at a discounted price. There will also be a standard version of the tool that will continue to remain free.

Once you have signed up, you can log in to your dashboard and start shortening the URLs right away. Taveo offers you the option to utilize your own domain to shorten the URLs as well. You will have to change a few things in order to accomplish this. In any case, not many URL shortening services provide you with this feature.

As mentioned above, Taveo has a strong affinity with analytics. What I really liked about this tool is the plethora of information available through the metrics. The important details tracked by Taveo are geographical location including the country and state, web browser type and the device type (Smartphones, Desktop PCs etc.). One of the features that stand out is the ability to track if a real human clicked your link or was it just another bot. All these details can be easily accessed via your dashboard.

Taveo is a url shortener and analytics tool

Whenever you shorten a URL using Taveo, HTTP protocol is used  to analyze and redirect links. As a result, Taveo can also track the clicks for the users who have installed Ad-block or similar browser plugins.

Advantages of Taveo over other URL shorteners/Analytic services:

1) Standard analytic tools don’t provide you with ‘How a visitor got to your website’. Taveo does.
2) Taveo can track visitors who use ad-blocking technology.
3) You can verify the traffic coming from partners or an advertising network.

Not to forget, the website interface and design is very appealing. The responsive theme works great on all the devices. All in all, Taveo is a pretty decent tool and I will definitely recommend you to try it out. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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