Samsung Also Tries the Android Smartphone Clamshell

It was the form-factor of the 90’s. At this time, the mobile mode was to check valve : all manufacturers have proposed their models, some mythical like the StarTac from Motorola. This star design is, however, fallen into disuse with the rise of smartphones and their large screens, except in some countries, such as Japan and Korea, still very much fans of the “clamshell”.

But with the wave of “vintage”, the manufacturers would be reluctant to take a leap into the past. Thus, after LG and its Wine Smart, it is the turn of Samsung to formalize a smartphone for the valve : DM-W2016. But be careful, the world number one has not been cropped on the specification : it was really a smartphone.

Samsung clamshell smartphone

This terminal has two screens HD Super Amoled 3.9-inch, one outside and the other inside (associated, as in ancient times to a keyboard, alpha-numeric), integrates the components of the Galaxy S6, such as the processor, and 3 Gb of RAM, while Android 5.1 is associated with TouchWizz.

The Korean has not cropped on the price : this high-end smartphone-like feature-phone will be sold around 1500 euros. And only in China, where the clamshell is once again totally trendy.

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