RemoteShot Lets You Remotely Click a Picture With an Android Device

If you are in a group and don’t have one of those long selfie sticks, there is an alternative which can be used to click your group picture. With the RemoteShot app you can remotely click a picture with an Android device using another Android device.

Take pictures remotely from Android using RemoteShot

This app needs to be installed on both the devices and pairing is done through Bluetooth. When you start the app, you have the option to choose the device that you want to use as a camera and the one which will be used as a remote. You will be able to frame the shot using a viewfinder on the remote device. To click the photo you need to tap on the shutter button on the remote device. The image will be captured on the device which is acting as the camera. You also have the option to switch between the front and the rear camera from the remote device.

You can also set a self timer, set the flash on/off or use the burst mode.

RemoteShot a good concept, however may not be practical to use frequently as it takes some time to set up. It may be helpful in situations where you want to take a group selfie. Do try it out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Download RemoteShot from the Play Store

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