PressRoom: A Good WordPress Plugin for Press Releases

A Press Release is an official statement or information which is issued or communicated to news and media organizations by various companies and business. This is a very good way of letting everyone know about the product and services that your company or business has to offer.

Of late, there has been a sharp increase in the number of press release websites, mainly because of the information distribution that they offer as well as for the SEO benefits. Now, you may ask how are press releases beneficial from an SEO perspective. For the very reason that in addition to the information sharing, press releases will help a website in better indexing and link building, since various sites will pick your press release and link back to it. It also helps in driving traffic to a website.

And that’s the reason you might have comes across a dedicated Press Release section on many professional websites. Creating a press release section is not very easy, and that’s the reason it may not be seen on smaller websites. But if you are using WordPress, you are in luck as the new PressRoom plugin by Newswire will help you in adding a customized press release section to your website very easily.

PressRoom Press release plugin for WordPress

With this press release plugin, you can easily publish and distribute press releases and company information. Since all this can be done with a few simple clicks, this plugin is a boon for bloggers, media personnel as well as site visitors. Also, whenever the company news is republished, the information can be shared immediately via the plugin.

The PressRoom plugin is highly customizable and you can tweak the CSS to blend it with your website. This also makes it look like the plugin belongs to the website itself. You can choose from a variety of themes and can share photos, PR and other media on your website easily.

The PressRoom plugin is a really amazing WordPress plugin for Press releases and to make a press room for. And do you know the best part? It’s free!

Go ahead, download the PressRoom plugin and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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