Google Play Music now available for iOS

Google play music

Google Play Music is now available for download on the Apple App Store. This service could be accessed previously using a browser that was HTML 5 enabled but now Google has launched the full app for Apple devices. Google Play Music lets you listen to your music anywhere since all your music is stored online. So, you music can be accessed across any device and on the Web. It … [Read more...]

Android: How to Enable Anti-aliasing

Android anti-aliasing

All the Gamer's out there will be very much familiar with the term 'Anti-aliasing'. Those of you who are not, Anti-aliasing is a technique used to soften sharp edges so that they appear less jagged when rendered. It is simply a technique of minimizing the distortion. The anti-aliasing settings can be changed on your Android device to increase the gaming graphics performance. … [Read more...]

New Facebook Like Button: Facebook to change the ‘Like’ Button in the coming weeks

Facebook like button

Facebook is all set to change its 'Like' button. The Like button which was introduced in 2010 is viewed over 22 billion times daily across more than 7.5 million websites. Facebook will be parting ways with the famous 'thumb' button. The new Like button features the Facebook "f" logo. This is white on a blue background. The new Facebook Like button in shown … [Read more...]

Android: Incoming calls will show Google+ profile picture, come 2014

Google+ profile picture

The Android dialer is becoming smarter with every new Android release. With the new Android Kitkat 4.4, call recipients will be able to view the caller's Google+ profile picture. This feature will be activated by default in early 2014 but requires you to verify your phone number using your Google account. This is actually a boon for the people who get numerous calls from … [Read more...]

How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Turn animations off to speed up android device

How to speed up your Android phone ? This is one of the most common questions asked by Android users, especially users who use devices with lower hardware specifications. Trying to operate a slow device can be very frustrating. Most of the times the device might freeze and users might experience a lag when switching between applications. There are a lot of ways to speed up … [Read more...]