5 Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google chrome tips

Google chrome is the most widely used web browser today. Let's make your favorite web browser more interesting with these 5 useful Google Chrome tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are very simple and do not require the installation of any add ons or extensions. Google Chrome Tips and Tricks 1) Task Manager One of my favourite Google Chrome tips is the use of task manager … [Read more...]

How to View Old Notifications on Android

view old notifications on android

There are a lot of times when we are too lazy to check the pending notifications on our Android devices and we just tap 'Dismiss' icon to clear the notifications, only to realize later that it was an important notification that needed to be addressed. So will you be able to view old notifications in Android device after it is dismissed ? If yes, how ? The past notifications … [Read more...]

Android: How to Download APK Files From Google Play

download apk from play store

All the Android users are used to downloading apps from the Google play store. Did you know that you can directly download APK files from Google Play ? No ? Read on. When using the Google Play store, the apps are directly installed on your Android devices. The android apps are packed as APK files and if you wish to install an app manually you would have to download APK … [Read more...]

Google Play India: Nexus 5 and the New Nexus 7 on sale now !

Nexus 7

Google's Flagship Device, the all new Nexus 5 went on sale earlier today. It was not a surprise when the device was soon out of stock. The message on the Play Store read, " We are out of stock. Please check back soon." Don't be disappointed, only the Black variant is out of stock both for the 16 GB and the 32 GB versions. You can still order the White variant which is In … [Read more...]

Facebook: Mobile/Web Chat Feature is Live !

block Facebook game requests

There were rumors earlier that the Social Networking Website Facebook will be making some changes to its integrated Chat tool. The rumors were true. Facebook has rolled out global changes for its chat tool. With the new update you will be able to differentiate between friends who are using Mobile or are logged in through Web. This is actually a decent update as it was … [Read more...]

BitCoin: All You Wanted To Know


In the recent months there has been much hoopla about Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer digital currency. Although, the concept of Bitcoin was introduced in 2008, it has become extremely popular now. If you were wondering what exactly is Bitcoin, you have come to the right place. Read on. What is a Bitcoin ? Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins are digital … [Read more...]