How To Check Android App Memory Usage

android app memory usage

Don't you think that checking your Android app memory usage is important? Let's take an example. You got yourself a brand new Android device and you start fiddling with it right away. You will definitely install a number of apps and games. Life will be amazing for you and for your android device until one fine day when the device will finally tell you to slow down ! How will … [Read more...]

What Is Autofill And How To Disable It

Google chrome tips

Autofill is a great feature in Google Chrome which saves you a lot of time. This feature relieves you from filling web forms again and again. Google Chrome captures the information that you enter the first time you fill out a form. This is saved as an autofill entry. This entry may contain your name, location, email, contact information and address. This information can be … [Read more...]

Nexus 9 launch date confirmed?

Nexus 9

There has been a lot of speculation over the launch of Nexus 9, Google's latest offering. We have heard rumors that the Nexus 9 is being developed by HTC and boasts of the new Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. This 64-bit processor is expected to outperform its predecessor and competitors and is believed to deliver an ultimate gaming experience. The screen size is believed to be 8.9 … [Read more...]

How to disable USB write protection using Regedit

How to disable usb write protection

You plug in a USB drive on your PC/Laptop and try to copy a file onto it. But the file is not copied and you get the below message: The Disk is write-protected Remove the write-protection or use another disk. So what's this ? This error message indicates that the write protection for USB is enabled on your PC/Laptop. Until you disable USB write protection, you wouldn't be … [Read more...]

How to End a Process Using Windows Command Line Interface

Windows command line interface

We all are very familiar with ending a running process on a windows operating system using Task Manager. This is a feature that is used a lot as we all have experienced processes getting hung or not responding. In those situations we don't have any other option but to end the specific process. A very quick and easy way to end a process is through the Windows command line … [Read more...]

The Xbox One Experience

Xbox one experience

After a lot of contemplation and after numerous occasions when I added the Xbox One console to the cart and then later bail out, I finally did order Xbox One from Amazon. This set me down by INR 39,990. Also, I needed the second controller to "challenge" my friends and Amazon was offering INR 2,000 discount on the second controller, so I went ahead and purchased that as well. … [Read more...]