All About Twitter

Importance of social media in business

Twitter Inc. was founded in March 21, 2006 and launched on July 15 2006. It was founded by: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stones & Evan Williams. Twitter Inc. has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States of America, with over twenty-five offices around the world. Presently, the CEO is Jack Dorsey and its executive chairman is Omid Kordestani. Twitter … [Read more...]

What Color Temperature is Your Light?

Colour temperature

Color temperature is a way to determine the color of light using Kelvin degrees. It’s applicable for any glowing object but is widely used for marking light bulbs. The indication is based on such physical entity as correlated color temperature or CCT. When you heat up an object it starts glowing. First red and then yellow, white or blue. The higher is the temperature the … [Read more...]

Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS data recovery plan and pricing

So, I have this 1 TB external HDD which is used for my data backup needs as well as to dump in movies and other stuff that I find cool. However, today was not such a great day as when I plugged in the HDD to my laptop, it failed to read from it. Now, from my previous experience with external HDD, I can tell you one thing that they are not immune to failures. Whichever brand … [Read more...]

10KStartup: Get Your MVP in 30 Days

10kstartup review

Do you know what are the things that first time founders have in common? They have a flashy idea, very little funds and lack expertise in certain areas like designing & marketing. But now, a team of people who call themselves 10kStartup have emerged and the claim to handover your startup on your fingertips in just 30 days!' How 10KStartup Works 1. Understanding the … [Read more...]

WhereToSwipe.Com: Tinder Statistics Revealed

USA Tinder Stats

Online dating is a $2 billion dollar industry and Tinder is a dating app that is used by millions of people worldwide. People are sitting at their homes swiping right to find that perfect date using Tinder, however not all of them get that elusive "match". There have been a lot of discussions on how the Tinder algorithm works and why the male population don't get plenty of … [Read more...]

YardYum: Grow Your Own Backyard Garden

YardYum Review

How do you use your backyard plot? For some of us, our backyards just sit idle, while for others, we use them for entertainment, or to store equipment and tools. Recently I was wondering how I could commercialize my backyard. Yes, I’m that kind of person who regularly thinks “how can I make some extra money?” with everything that surrounds me. You should try it too. You will … [Read more...]