Nanofixit is an Innovative Screen Protector

Mobile phones and tablet computers have become a necessity these days. These gadgets don’t come cheap and the very first accessory that we generally purchase to safeguard the device is a screen protector. I recently came across a very new and interesting technology called Nanofixit that makes your screen scratch resistant. Nanofixit is an innovative new technology in the form of Nano Liquid Coating that will surely replace the plastic screen protectors in the future.

Nanofixit is launched by Nanofixit Inc, a team of Asian and European businessmen who own the world-wide distribution rights of the Nano Chemical Liquid. The company claims this to be one of the best screen protectors available today that makes your Cellphones and tablets’ screen more than 10x scratch resistant.

Nanofixit screen protector

Nanofixit is a nano chemical liquid solution designed to make every cellphone and tablet scratch free and clean. For years we’ve invested in a plastic screen protector which is an important part of our gadgets. The plastic screen protectors are good, however you cannot ignore its effect on the screen brightness and sensitivity. This is where Nanofixit has an edge and we can safely say that this may make the plastic screen protectors obsolete.

Some of the features that makes Nanofixit a better screen protector:

Fits all sizes

Nanofixit is a Nano Chemical Liquid which comes in a bottle. This is good enough for 15 applications. In addition to applying it to your own cellphone and tablet, you can share it with your family and friends.

Scratch Free and Clean

Molecules of the solution is thinner than a single human hair. Applying the solution to your mobile phone leaves no air bubbles on the surface thereby protecting it against abrasions, dirt, grease, and grime. The colours on your screen appear very vivid.

Anti-Bacterial Solution

Since Nanofixit seals your glass screen, it offers a protective coating against bacteria which cannot stick to the glass anymore.

Environmental Friendly

Nanofixit is absolutely non-toxic, food safe and water based. It is a patented product with 0% Volatile Organic Compounds.

All in all, the features of this product look really promising. However, you really have to try it out to see the difference. The concept is very innovative and for more information on this product, you can check out their website.

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