LiquidVPN Review

VPN or Virtual Private Networks have become a necessity today, primarily because they help in bypassing the blocked content by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and lets you access your favorite websites and services online. For example, Netflix was initially launched only for the U.S. and a few European countries and other people were not able to access it directly. Thanks to VPN, that became a possibility for hundreds and thousands of people.

VPNs are great from a security stand point as well since they protect sensitive information and data by using an encrypted tunnel that prevent a man-in-the-middle attack, thereby keeping your confidential information safe.

There are plenty of VPN providers in the market and each one has something different to offer in terms of features. I got to know about one such VPN provider, LiquidVPN and decided to give it a shot. Here’s a details review.

LiquidVPN Review

LiquidVPN review

Features of LiquidVPN

Operating system support

First things first. You need to know if LiquidVPN is supported on your computer and your smartphone. Most of the users tend to cycle across multiple devices so a cross-platform functionality is always good to have in a VPN software.

As of now, LiquidVPN is supported on Windows, Mac and Android devices. Support for iOS is missing which would have been good to have.

Multiple device support

And important feature of a VPN software should be to be able to support multiple devices and LiquidVPN fits the bill perfectly. You can use the software on multiple devices simultaneously. The minimum number of connection is two and you can connect up to a maximum of eight device.

Of course, this support is offered only on specific packages which has been covered in the ‘plans and pricing’ section of this review.

Multiple Servers

In order for your VPN connection to be fast and stable, a VPN provider should have large number of servers located across the globe. Since, you will connect to one of the server’s located near you in order to access the VPN functionality. LiquidVPN has  servers that are located across 11 countries worldwide that helps making your VPN connection fast and reliable.

Data Logging

A lot of VPN providers keep track of your internet activity by storing it in a log file. This is called data logging. This is generally declared in the terms and conditions of the VPN provider, however you should make it a point to go through it religiously, after all its your private date that we are talking about. LiquidVPN promise not to log any user data on its servers.

Unlimited bandwidth

The higher the internet bandwidth, the faster will be the data transfer on the internet. Most of the VPN providers have a cap on the bandwidth usage, that results in the internet speed becoming painfully slow once you cross the fair usage. LiquidVPN, however offers unlimited bandwidth in all of its plans, be it the basic or the premium one, which is pretty awesome!

Ease of use

LiquidVPN is pretty easy to use. Once you have installed the software, you basically need to launch it and connect, that’s it! One a Windows machine, just hover your mouse to the notification area, click on the LiquidVPN icon, select the protocol that you want for the connection and you are good to go. Of course, you are at liberty to choose the server as per your requirement before making the connection.

Privacy features

LiquidVPN lets you hide your IP address with ease since it has around 2000 IP addresses at its disposal. Hiding you IP address prevents your confidential information from being accessed by hackers and offers maximum security. Also, the software anonymously encrypts your data and you can select the level of privacy and features as per your convenience.

Money back guarantee

Now, money back guarantee is something that lets you trust a service provider. LiquidVPN offers you a refund within 7 days, or before you consume 5 GB of data if you happen not to like the service or are finding things challenging – no questions asked! Also, the customer support representatives are always ready to assist you with any queries that you might have.

Customer support

VPNs are used by customer all across the world, so a good VPN provider must cater to all the customers in various time zones. LiquidVPN has a 24x7x365 email support that ensures all your queries get addressed immediately. They don’t have a live chat support as of now which could have been better though.

Is LiquidVPN secure?

Even though a VPN network is pretty secure, you can further leverage the different encryption protocols, if available. For example, we have a 128 bit encryption, which is pretty strong and a 256 bit encryption which is military grade. Both the encryption types are pretty good at securing your connection, however the 256 bit is more secure, without a doubt.

LiquidVPN offers you an option to choose a 256 bit encryption. This flexibility to choose an encryption of your choice is a great feature that is offered by LiquidVPN and we can safely say that it will definitely help in keeping you data and  online activity safe from hackers.

LiquidVPN plans and pricing

LiquidVPN offers three plans to choose from. The least of them will set you back by $7 per month which is quite affordable. The ultimate plan costs $18 a month but offers a lot of premium features. In the end it boils down to what you want specifically for your requirement.

LiquidVPN plans and pricing

Final Thoughts

All in all, LiquidVPN is a pretty affordable VPN provider which has plenty of features to offer. Key highlights of the software are the unlimited bandwidth and a 256 bit encryption. Here’s a summary of its pros and cons.


  • Connect up to 8 devices
  • Servers located in 11 countries
  • 2000 IP addresses available
  • 256 bit encryption
  • Support for Windows, Mac and Android clients
  • 24/7 support
  • 7 day money back guarantee


  • Only email support available
  • No software dashboard
  • No referral program
  • Not compatible with iOS

What do you think of this LiquidVPN review? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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