Latest Updates in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, continues to grow at a good pace. And they’re not likely to stop anytime soon since they keep launching new features pretty regularly.

Here are the latest updates in Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • You can now take advantage of Kubernetes in the AWS Cloud. This announcement was released on 7 March and is a huge update. You’ll be able to not only have more security and flexibility, as you will also get a container deployment and management capabilities of Kubernetes. And if you already have your own AWS infrastructure, you can deploy Kubernetes there as well.
  • One of the things that many software vendors had already asked for is finally available. If you’re a software vendor you can now take advantage of the Self-Service Listings to make all the changes you want on your AMI (Amazon Machine Image)-based product listings. You can make changes on pricing, types, upload new versions, update product metadata, among others. Overall, your life will be a lot easier now since you can easily track and manage your product listings on the AWS Marketplace.
  • Despite the AWS Marketplace Metering Service isn’t new, it is now available in 3 more regions – EU (London), Canada (Central), and US East (Ohio). This way, you’ll see your costs decrease a lot when you simply want to run a software in a particular project.
  • The New Quick Start has also released just on February, 10 of the current year. This New Quick Start will display a standard environment that complies with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). AWS paid attention to the way that would put this available. So, they decided to create scripts and templates that build a multi-tier example, in just 30 minutes.
  • The data you have on the AWS Cloud is from now on, more usable, accessible, and valuable. And this is because of the partnership with the Splunk, which platform makes all these available. With the Splunk platform, you can finally and easily see across your entire organization.

As you can see, Amazon Web Services are continuing to evolve and provide more and more features that can make your life easier. They either develop and launch their own tools or they make the necessary partnerships with other companies that they believe have the ability to enhance their service. All we have to say is that AWS needs to remain this way.

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