How to Use Remote COM Port Device

Modern computers are more often equipped with USB ports these days. USB standards, although fast, are not always perfect. That is why a lot of technologies actively use serial ports. In various cases there is the need of using COM port devices remotely, for example an app installed on one computer needs to receive data from a serial port on another, remote computer. Serial to Ethernet Connector is a great solution for a situation like this.

serial to ethernet connector

How to access serial device over network

Here are some examples of when one needs to access serial devices over network for remote usage:

  1. There is a serial device plugged in a local computer and you need to work with this device from another computer on the network. All you need is download and install Serial to Ethernet Connector on each computer. Working with remote serial device over network won’t feel any different from using it on your local machine. 
  2. If client software apps running on several computers on the same network require a null modem (serial) connection to operate, you’ll need to set up one. With Serial to Ethernet Connector you can create virtual COM ports on both computers and connect them via LAN/Ethernet even when hardware connection is possible. Your apps will recognize it as a real null-modem connection and use it accordingly.

Serial to Ethernet Connector offers versions for Windows and Linux, and any OS can run a client or a server app. Broadcasting over UDP is available. Currently a Linux version operates in command-line mode.

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