How to Take Great Selfies

We all love taking selfies, don’t we ? Even more, we all want to look good in a selfie. At times, taking a selfie can be real tricky because you need to hold the phone away from you and then click the picture. Today we will tell you how to take great selfies just by keeping 4 important tips in mind.

How to take great selfies

How to take great selfies

Tip# 1 – Use a good angle

Always click the selfie from an angle that accentuates your good features. Lot of people tend to take selfies from angles that makes them look weird. You can always take multiple shots and compare them to see which angle is best suited for you. Also, when you are taking a selfie in a group, position the camera in such a way that everyone is accommodated. You don’t want to cut someone off in the photo by mistake.

Tip# 2 – Avoid flash

As we had already pointed this out before in the Smartphone photography tips, you should avoid using the built-in flash unless there is very little light and you don’t have any option left. Using the flash tends to make your selfie overexposed in some areas which doesn’t look good.

The best selfie is taken under the daylight or a well-lit room.

Tip# 3 – Use filters

You can always enhance your selfies by using filters. There are a lot of free apps for Android and iOS that can add a punch to your selfies and make them look impressive. A lot of filter’s are already integrated in Smartphone’s camera app now a days which makes your job easier.

Tip# 4 – Body language

You should know that your body language can make or break a selfie. Always have a nice expression and try to give a natural pose. Try to shoot more than just your face and capture a bit of the environment as well, which will make the photo even better.

These were a few tips on how to take great selfies. At the end of the day its your selfie and you can take it the way you want it to. Only thing that matters is the memorable moment that you want to capture.

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