How to Speed Up Your Website

This is a guest article by Ashley Macklin who is a Marketing & Sales Consultant to Real Estate & Entertainment Companies.

Looking to make your website faster so you can increase your SEO results and decrease bounce rate?

There are two primary things you’ll need to consider to make sure your website is fast.

1) Pick a good web hosting provider. If you are in Canada you may want to consider choosing a Canadian web hosting provider. This is the first step to ensuring a fast site because your servers determine how fast the data is transmitted to website visitors.

If you don’t have fast and efficient servers, your website will not be fast.

2) Optimize your website code and files. When you are setting up your website it’s important to make sure you avoid installing dozens of plug-ins if possible. This will heavy the load put on the server.

Additionally, make sure to optimize your images prior to uploading them onto your website. You can use a “lossy compressor” to get rid of additional data not needed for high quality. You should also make sure your images are optimized for dimensions.

To optimize for dimensions you simply have to figure out where you are going to be placing the image, and figuring out the respective size you’ll need.

In Conclusion

A fast website starts with a fast web host. Again, if you’re in Canada you may want to pick a web host based in Canada. This will help you serve your website to visitors quicker.

Once you’ve got a good web host, just make sure the actual website is optimized for things like code, images and plug-ins.

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