How to Search Google Drive Within Gmail

Gmail offers you the option to attach a file from your Google Drive to an email easily. But what if you want to find a file that you have uploaded to Google Drive?  Did you know that you can search a file on your Google Drive account from the Gmail search bar?

Yes! You heard it right. Once you have finished reading this guide, you will no longer require to exit Gmail or open Google Drive in another browser tab. You can easily search and open up a file from within Gmail. Let’s see how.

Search Google Drive from Gmail

1) Click on the Settings icon at the top right and select Settings.

Opening Gmail settings

2) You will find the ‘Labs’ tab on top of the Settings page. Click on the Labs section to highlight additional options.

How to Enable gmail labs

3) You will find the Apps Search in the Available Labs section. The original setting is Disabled. You need to click on Enable.

4) Finally, click on Save Changes to save the settings.

Now, whenever you want to search for a file that you’ve saved  in Google Drive, you just have to type the file name in the Gmail search bar and press Enter. The search result will display any of your emails that contain the search string that you typed in the ‘Mail’ section, as well as any Google Drive files in a separate ‘Docs and Sites’ section below.

Searching documents in google drive from gmail

Pretty neat, right? This is how you can easily search for files in you Google Drive using Gmail. Do let me know if this works out for you.

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  1. Rohit Gaikwad says

    Hello Arpit,
    Its very simple and easy steps to search Google Drive from Gmail .
    Will try once.

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