How to Save Email Attachment to OneDrive

If you are a Gmail user, you might be aware that Google introduced a feature a while back that lets you save your Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive. Also, you can easily search for files and documents on your Google Drive account from Gmail’s search bar.

If you have an email account in, you now have the option to save the email attachments to your OneDrive account.

In order to save your email attachments to OneDrive,  go to, log in with your Microsoft (Outlook or Hotmail) account credentials and open an email containing attachments. Just below your attachment, you will find the option ‘Add to OneDrive’. You just have to click on this link to save the attachment to OneDrive.

Add email attachment to OneDrive

You’ll see a notification stating your attachment is being uploaded and a Completed message will appear at the top right when the upload is complete.

Save email attachments to OneDriveTo access your attachment, click on Completed. Next, click on ‘Email attachments’ which will open that folder within your OneDrive account. If there are multiple attachments in the email, you can upload all the attachments at once to your OneDrive.

This is how you can easily save email attachments to OneDrive. Do try it out and let us know if you run into any issue.

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