How to Recover Lost Notes from iPhone with iFoneMate Effectively

We all tend to keep notes on our iPhone, as they allow us to boost productivity and just make sure that we don’t really forget about anything. Unfortunately, malfunctions or any similar issues can definitely hamper our ability to access those notes, and that can be a bad thing especially if you need them as fast as possible. This is why using the iPhone data recovery software – iFoneMate is a very important thing to do!

iFoneMate iOS data recovery

How can you use the free iPhone data recovery tool-iFoneMate for notes recovery?

Performing iPhone notes recovery is very simple as long as you install iFoneMate in an efficient manner. The app offers you multiple methods in regards to how to recover deleted notes on iPhone, you can do that directly, via an iTunes backup or via the iCloud backup.

Recover lost notes from iPhone directly

The first thing you need to do here is to install the iFoneMate app on your computer, then connect the phone to your PC via the USB cable link. Wait until the app will automatically detect it then choose the Recover from iOS device option.

From the menu that appears you will need to choose notes and the final step will allow you to see all items or just the deleted ones? Find the note you want to recover and then press the Recover button, then wait until the process is completed. You will have a preview for each note, all so that you can recover the one you really want.

Free iPhone data recovery notes with iTunes backup

The process is similar, the app connects automatically to iTunes and it will retrieve the backups. You will just need to select the backup that you want and then wait until the recovery process is completed. However, the iPhone data recovery software will automatically overwrite all data found right now on the device and replace it with the older one, so you should try to recover your notes directly from the device.

Recover lost iPhone notes with iCloud backup files

You will need to install iFoneMate and then choose the option to recover from iCloud. The free iPhone data recovery will then require you to login to your account and there you can see the last backups. You will need to choose one of them but, again, this will automatically replace the content you have on your device, so make sure that you save everything if you opt for this method.

As you can see, using iFoneMate in order to perform iPhone notes recovery delivers amazing results and a very good experience, one that will be much appreciated for sure. Thanks to our guide you now know how to recover deleted notes on iPhone, so don’t hesitate and try out these simple guidelines to recover your important notes right now! iFoneMate is very easy to use and it offers great results, which means that if you have any note to recover, this is the tool to do it!

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