How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone Easily and Quickly with iFoneMate

If you have accidentally deleted messages, then you can retrieve them back using iPhone data recovery options from iFoneMate. After you launch iPhone rescue, iFoneMate scans the backup and retrieves all kinds of data, like calls, messages, notes, contacts, voice messages, photos, videos, etc. The iPhone data recovery software like the iFoneMate makes it easier to recover all kinds of lost data on iPhone within three easy steps. So, even if you have lost your iPhone and the data is saved or backed up on the iCloud or the iTunes, you can use iFoneMate to recover this data.



If you want to know, how to recover deleted notes on iPhone, just check the connect the iFoneMate to your Apple Smartphone and recover all kinds of data within minutes. You can also preview some data during the recovery process and delete them if they are not needed. Using this iPhone data recovery software you can sync the data with multiple devices via iCloud. If you have switched your Apple id and have lost data due to this process, you will only need to use this iPhone notes recovery option to recover lost notes or any kind of information stored on the iPhone account.

Easy to use

This free data recovery software is easy to install and use. You don’t have to follow any complicated procedure or be a computer savvy in order to install and use this software. It works on most of the iPhone models and you can also back up files using this software. If you have lost some important notes stored on your iOS phone, you can use this software for iPhone notes recovery. All kinds of data that is stored in different formats are recoverable using this software. You can also recover this lost data to computer or any external storage device.

Multi-format option

If you have deleted files in various formats, up to 13 types of files can be recovered using this software. You have to download this software and install it on the computer before using it. If the data on your iPhone has been erased during an iOS system upgrade or if it has been deleted or modified accidentally, you can retrieve all the previous data when you sync with the backup. Even bookmarks and chat history on we chat can be recovered using this software. Once you have installed this software, retrieving data is hassle free.

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