How to Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts with iFoneMate Data Recovery Software

Different people store contacts, files, and work data on their iPhone for daily use across their devices, which places an understandable premium on them. Inadvertently, the stored data can be lost when the phone gets stolen, or there is a malfunction or an unexplained error. The process to restore deleted iPhone contacts is realizable with the help of the iFonemate which is powerful data recovery software.


How important is the iFonemate Software?

You can initiate iPhone data recovery with the iFonemate Software just in case your phone is missing, malfunctioning or stolen. The iFonemate can also be deployed to restore deleted iPhone contacts stored in your digital address book if at any time access is lost.

Those who have never lost a phone or deleted their contacts in some freak circumstance might not know how vital it is to have a backup device or the services of iFonemate. When a situation arises that results in loss of your iPhone contacts, you will have a need to retrieve iPhone contacts.

iFonemate will not only help in restore deleted iPhone contacts but messages, calendars, photo stream, voice memo, reminders, WhatsApp accessories as well as safari bookmarks.

Signing up for iFonemate?

There are trial and retail versions the iFonemate that you can decide to sign up for at any time. While the trial version has limited functionalities, the retail version is activated to restore data and can be used to recover deleted iPhone contacts.

The Process

The first step to restore deleted iPhone contacts is to install the retail version of the iFonemate Data Recovery Software. Each retail version has a code to enable you register and activate the software. The iFonemate Software can be used to recover more than 12 data types such as photos, video, contacts, notes, calendar, voice memo, WhatsApp chat, and safari bookmarks.

Its support system extends to available iOS devices like iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3GS , iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5C, iPad Air iPad mini, iPod touch 4 and  iPod touch 5

Download iFonemate to your Windows or Mac operating systems. When the process is completed, ensure to connect your iPhone to your desktop or laptop and click to start scanning your iOS devices. When the scanning is complete, the iFonemate Software will retrieve the contact list for your use, and you can then save to your desired destination on your iPhone.

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