How to Manage Saved Passwords in Chrome

Today we will discuss on how to manage saved passwords in Chrome and how you can protect your saved passwords from misuse. Google Chrome can save your login credentials for the websites that you visit. If you choose to save the username and password for various websites, the sign-in fields will be automatically completed by Chrome the next time you visit those websites. Let’s take a look on how you can view and manage Chrome’s saved passwords.

Manage saved passwords in Chrome

Click on the Chrome Menu located at the top right of the browser and click on Settings. Alternatively, you can just enter chrome://settings/ in your browser and hit enter.

how to view saved passwords in chrome

You need to scroll down and click on Show advanced settings…

how do i see my saved passwords in chrome

Now, you have to scroll down once again to the Passwords and forms section. Here you will find the Manage passwords link.

how do i view saved passwords in chrome

Once you click on this link, it will list all of your saved passwords. The passwords are protected with asterisk and you won’t be able to view them until you click on Show.

View saved passwords in Chrome

Chrome will ask for your Windows login password for authentication. After you have provided the login credentials, you will be able to view the saved passwords.

Saved passwords chrome

Now you can manage the saved passwords easily. You can either delete them or sync the passwords to your Google account if you would like to access it on another computer. Of course, you need to be signed in to your Google account to use this feature.

If you don’t want Chrome to save your passwords, you can simply uncheck the ‘Offer to save your web passwords’ checkbox.

If you have enabled this feature, Chrome will prompt you to save the password every time you visit a new website. If you choose not to save the password for a specific website, you can click ‘Never for this site’. The password for this website will not be saved and the site will be added to a list of similar sites that you chose not to save the passwords for.

To edit this, you can go to the Manage saved passwords in Chrome and scroll down to the ‘Never saved’ section at the bottom. Select the website that you would like to remove from this and click on the little X as shown in the image below. After this, if you visit this website again, you will be prompted to save the password in Chrome.

Never save passwords in Chrome

How to Protect saved passwords

Now when you know how to manage saved passwords in Chrome, you might feel that it is not very secure. Anyone who gets access to your Windows login credentials can extract all the login information from your Chrome browser.

To protect you saved passwords, you can use a dedicated password manager. These password managers work with every browser and provide with a master password that locks access to your password list when you are logged out. One such password manager is LastPass which can help you to protect your saved passwords.

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