How to Increase Xbox One Storage Space

Gone are the days when we used to insert cartridges to play video games on a 8-bit or a 16-bit system. Gaming consoles have a come a long way.

Today, consoles are not only powerful but they also have loads of storage space that is used to download games, save files, music and for game updates. The Xbox One storage space is 500 GB, which is great. However, a lot of Xbox One user’s are looking for ways to perform Xbox storage upgrade. You will not be able to upgrade the Xbox One’s internal hard drive but you can certainly upgrade the external storage for Xbox one by using an external drive.

Xbox one storage space

How to get more storage space on Xbox One

You can connect an external hard drive on the Xbox One via the USB 3.0 port to increase the storage capacity. As soon as you connect the external storage drive, Xbox One will walk you through the set-up so that you are able to store games and apps. Please note that for games and app storage, Xbox One supports only USB 3.0 and the external hard drive capacity should be 256 GB or more. If these requirements are not met, the external drive will be treated as a media storage i.e. you will only be able to save music and video files.

Also, since the Xbox One uses a SATA II internal drive, using a USB 3.0 external storage for Xbox One can speed up your game load times as well.

How to check storage on Xbox One

1) To check the free space on Xbox One, you need to select My games & apps from the Home screen.
2)You will find the percentage of used storage space and the total free space on the left of your screen.

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