How to Find When Was Windows Installed on Your PC

It is always a good idea to know when was your operating system installed on your PC. You may find this information valuable if you are buying a second-hand PC and want to know how old it is. Also, you may need to provide this information to a technician if you are getting your PC fixed.

You can easily find out when was Windows installed on your PC using the Windows command line interface (cli).

Open the command prompt by pressing Win+R, type cmd and hit Enter.

opening command prompt in windows

Now, type the following directly into your command prompt and press Enter. If you are too lazy to type, just copy and paste this in the command prompt.

systeminfo | find/i “Original”

How to Find When was Windows Installed on Your PC

Windows will process your request and will display the exact date and time when your OS was installed.

Pretty neat, right? Do give it a try.

Watch the video tutorial

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