HostWithLove Review: Excellent Web Hosting Solution

HostWithLove is a Singapore based privately owned hosting company that was established in 2012. They specialize in fully managed web-hosting solutions to help individuals run their websites smoothly. Unlike many other hosting provider they do not hide their price and most importantly don’t make any false promises.

HostWithLove places huge emphasis on customer service. They believe the quality of their client service takes precedence over everything else. The quality of service delivered, whether it is hardware or heartware, is extremely outstanding. They pride themselves as a reliable host which you can confidently rely on.

Let’s Talk More About the Company

HostWithLove hosting solutions, by name may be unfamiliar to you because they are not yet popular & many bloggers and advertisers support high advertising affiliate money provided by some popular web hosting services. Even I found them very late through a famous hosting forum (WebhostingTalk) & when I searched them in google, I got to know a lot of good things!

hostwithlove review

They offer different LiteSpeed web hosting solutions to meet customer’s’ website hosting needs with ease.

LiteSpeed speeds up the processing of webpages by up to 9 times compared to the regular Apache web hosting servers. PHP execution is also 50% faster.

They also use MariaDB which is a drop-in replacement for the traditional MySQL engine. MariaDB may or may not be a familiar name to you but basically it is also a MySQL engine that was developed by the original MySQL developers after they sold MySQL to Oracle a few years back. MariaDB is much more efficient than MySQL and works fully with all scripts that require the usage of MySQL. The combination of LiteSpeed and MariaDB on HostWithLove’s servers means that any script you run, such as WordPress or Joomla, are quickly processed and served over their webserver.

TLDR; webpages load blazingly fast on HostWithLove’s servers due to their choice of softwares (LiteSpeed and MariaDB).

HostWithLove Features

HostWithLove also offers some industry leading features which makes their packages very value-packed!

  • R1Soft CDP Backups (30 Days)–  They perform daily backups of your website and transfer them automatically to a remote server, storing them for 30 days. This means that you can have up to 30 different backup points at any time. The backup, although they advertise it to be for administrative purposes in the rare event there is a server failure, can be restored anytime by just contacting their support team. For example there was one incident where I accidentally deleted a few important posts and it would have been very time-consuming for me to re-write everything from scratch. I contacted their support team and asked if they can provide a backup from 2 days ago, and they were able to retrieve the data as well as images for me.
  • SpamExperts Outbound Filtering– I used to host with some popular providers like HostGator and BlueHost (which were acquired by Endurance International Group) and I had always been having frequent issues with their email servers. My emails were going to Spam folders or bouncing back most of the time. My experiences with HostWithLove were the opposite – emails just work as they should. This is because they are using an industry leading software called SpamExperts to help filter emails before they are transmitted to the recipients. On a shared hosting server where there are hundreds of users apart from yourselves, spam emails are often an issue for any provider. To this end, HostWithLove has invested heavily in its infrastructure and this allows their clients and myself to send emails without feeling frustrated about bouncebacks and the like.
  • Free SSL Certificates– Another factor that led me to join HostWithLove was their provision of Free SSL Certificates for their clients. This is a pleasant surprise considering most hosting providers charge between $20-50/year for a SSL Certificate. HostWithLove offers two types of SSL Certificates for free, one is the ComodoPositive SSL Certificate (Usual Price: $50/year), and the second is the LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate. Initially I had thought the SSL Certificate is only free for the first year, but after speaking to their Sales team I realized it was free for life. They mentioned that they are able to provide all clients with free SSL Certificates (particularly the ComodoPositive SSL Certificate) because of an exclusive deal they have with one of their datacenters due to the number of servers they are co-locating and leasing in their facilities.

P.S. I am using HostWithLove on another website of mine. I am planning to migrate Techcloud in the near future if their services remain awesome!

Final Thoughts

I have become a huge fan of HostWithLove and if you are looking to switch your hosting provider or setting up a new website, I would strongly recommend you to open pre-sales ticket with HostWithLove and clarify all your doubts and queriesI recommend you to try them for a month first, as you can purchase an account with them for a month & evaluate yourself.

In case you do not like the service (which I really doubt), you can always ask for a refund. Unlike other hosting companies which provide only 30 Days Money back Guarantee, HostWithLove provides a 45 Days Money back Guarantee! Do check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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