Harry Potter Android Game: Harry’s Escape

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well, let’s face it, we all are!

The magical world of Harry Potter is fascinating and we have always wanted to be a part of it, in some way or the other. I had this idea of developing a Harry Potter Android Game since a very long time and finally I have managed to execute it.

The game, although very basic is fun to play and all the potterheads out there will certainly like it, hopefully.

Harry’s Escape: Harry Potter Games for Android

The idea of the game is inspired from Flappy Bird. The gameplay and objects are totally different, however. It’s not another Flappy bird spin-off to be honest and I don’t like to call it Flappy Harry either!

Here goes the storyline.

Harry loves quidditch as we all know and loves flying on his broom. He has stayed away from Hogwarts for a long time now and wants to return to the magical world. So, he picks up his broom and soars high in the sky.

But, things can’t be so simple for Harry, isn’t it?

Somehow, the dementors get the information that Harry is flying alone and they turn up in huge numbers to suck out his soul, as commanded by you-know-who.

Your mission in this Free Harry Potter Android Game

To save Harry from the dementors and to help him reach his destination.

Here are some Harry Potter Game screenshots.

Harry's Escape

Harry potter games for Android

Harry’s Escape is an absolutely FREE Harry Potter Android Game. The game is FREE of ads which means you will not see any annoying ads pop up every now and then and ruin your gameplay experience.

I am planning to add a lot of good stuff in the game if I see a good response from the users. Right now its kind of overwhelming as users have rated the game 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

What are you waiting for? Download this Free Harry Potter Game for Android now!

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