Google’s New Devices and Activity Dashboard Helps You Keep Track of Your Devices

Google has recently introduced a Devices and activity dashboard under the Security tab. This dashboard helps you to keep track of all the devices that are associated with your Google account.

Google devices and activity

Once you open up the Devices and activity dashboard, you will have access to a couple of important information regarding the devices that are associated with your Google account:

1) When was your Google account last accessed from the device.
2) The last location of the device.

When you click on a specific device from the dashboard, you can see the additional details like the browser type and the last location used. You can also make changes to the device list by removing a particular device if you are no longer using it.

Google devices and activity

The devices and activity dashboard will also help you in tracking your Android device if it is lost, using the Android Device Manager.

Please note that this dashboard lists only those devices which have had access to your Google account for the last 28 days. You can use the devices and activity dashboard to track any unauthorized use of your Google account as well.

What do you think of this new devices and activity dashboard ? We would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.


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